Volunteer at an organization


Volunteer at an organization

Sign up for volunteer opportunities with our existing network of organizations.
Fill in the form below if you are interested in volunteering in the healthcare sector or organization in our network. We will respond to you after reviewing your application. You will receive an email response for an interview date. Further information will be discussed during the interview, or information session. Incomplete application forms will receive a delay in response. 
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Your application (information submitted) will remain safely stored in our hands. Due to safety & security precautions, information collected from you will remain confidential and only subjected to the intended viewers (CHCMS Human Resources Department & The Organization You Applied For). Redistribution of your information through illicit means is against our Terms of Services and is against the law under the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

If you have any questions, or concerns, feel free to email us at contact@chcms.ca

Organizations who may be interested in joining our network: