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2018 Sponsors & Donors:

Joey Pinelli

Gold Sponsor since March 23, 2018

We would like to thank you for supporting our cause! Your sponsorship, or donation will be invested directly back into the organization.

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Minimum $500 CAD


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Minimum $1 CAD

Accepted Payment Methods:

Automated donations prevent us from being able to thank you, therefore if you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email to find out how.

* Important Information:

Due to the volatility of the current cryptocurrency market, donations/sponsorships sent to us will be measured in fiat currency for consistency purposes at the time received.

Donations, or sponsorships are non-refundable. Based on the sponsorship plaque you choose, we will contact you accordingly to what we may need from you to update on this page.

If you do not want your name, or organization listed on this page, please inform us prior before making the contribution. Once again, thank you for making CHCMS a better place.