About Us

Who we are…
The Collaborative Healthcare Multi-Services, or CHCMS is a community organization run by students to help facilitate networking opportunities in healthcare services and to provide experiences for young individuals. Found in Canada on November 25th, 2016, the previous name of the organization was “Consultations for Healthcare Management Services” which used to offer free consultations to small-mid size clinics in regards to health management. In September 2017, the organization decided to change its name, and the mission based on popular demand. The organization believes that health management, policy, informatics, and research contribute to what makes the healthcare system functional today in Canada. We are not a hospital, clinic, or front-line healthcare provider, however, as a group of students we use our newly learned knowledge & experience to assist allied health professionals. The Canadian healthcare system is far from perfect, so we use this message to inspire us on what we do. The services provided by CHCMS are all free of charge and for the benefit of helping university students gain additional experience particularly in the healthcare sector.
Mission Statement
The Collaborative Healthcare Multi-Services (CHCMS)’s mission is to facilitate a better, more just, and patient-centered healthcare system in Canada, while providing university students with health-related experience in the sector.
Vision Statement
The Collaborative Healthcare Multi-Services (CHCMS) envisions a healthcare system that utilizes technological advances to improve preventative medicine, as well as for quality patient-centered care in Canada.

Dedicated Students

Our team of dedicated students strive to improve the healthcare system one step at a time using a collaborative framework. By studying health policy, management, research, and informatics, we can implement a better healthcare system.


It’s all about the patient. We utilize our knowledge from health policy, management, research, and informatics to produce patient-centered care. We follow our research and study what’s best for patients.


We study and research ways to improve the healthcare system by following trends, population health & disease, social determinants of health, and demographics.